Send John Mayer a typewritten letter

Send John Mayer a typewritten letter

I’m a month late in seeing an invitation from one of my favorite musical artists, John Mayer, that I just had to accept.

You may remember reading about the film California Typewriter in which John Mayer shares his love of the vintage machine that he uses in writing his lyrics.

Have a look at what he posted on his Instagram account…then don’t make the same mistake I did.

Don’t forget the return envelope and stamp

As you can see Mr. Mayer is quite specific in his directions for sending him a letter.

  • It must be typewritten: Check.
  • One page: Check.
  • Properly formatted: I opted for informal.
  • Include a return envelope/postage: Fail.

I forgot to send a return envelope! I was just so busy nerding out about all my typewriters I just forgot. Ugh. Maybe Canada isn’t considered overseas? Hmm.

Anyway, learn from my mistake and send an envelope with a stamp on it.

P.S. What is your favorite John Mayer song? Mine? Well, I’m a Tom Petty fan so that gives you a clue.

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  1. It’s a bit of nonsense to ask for a return/envelope postage “if you are overseas”. Because, obviously, if you are overseas there is quite difficult to get USA stamps. No that it’s impossible, but it’s not easy. And in any case, expensive and slow.

    Actually, “in real” (naturalist?!?) correspondance, usually everyone pays for the stamp they use. Every penpal in the world know that.

    • I love your thinking on this Eva. Only us purist letter writers would perhaps know the unwritten snail mail etiquette. 🙂

      • I like the oxymoron in “unwritten snail mail etiquette” 😀

        I wrote that because I read about a lot of mail “projects” that, basically, consists of “send something to me”. I don’t mean projects like your “Make It Marry”, but requests of individuals that post “I want to get mail” (for different reasons), and then they don’t care to reply. In my opinion, that’s just not fair. Maybe some letters from my friends don’t need any reply. But, to unknown people, I always reply. Even if it’s a little “thank you” note to make clear that it was a one-time exchange. I guess that snail mail is more about making connections than about actually getting mail.

        Sorry for my long comment-rant! Let us know if he reply, anyway 🙂

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