win stationery for your camper

win stationery for your camper

Win stationery for your camper

Toothpaste? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Paper and pen to write a letter home? Check.

This adorable stationery by Jonesy Charismatic Stationery makes it super fun and easy for your camper to post a letter in the mail while they are away at camp eating s’mores and singing campfire songs.

win stationery for your camper

Colourful, fun designs

It was the eleven year old daughter of Nina Jones, the talented owner of Jonesy Charismatic Stationery, that was the Art Director on this project. I love how she created different options of colourful, bright, clever (I just love the flashlight version below) paper for campers to choose from.

Sometimes so much can be going on at camp, it might be hard to figure out where to start or what to write, but with these ‘pick your own story’  suggestions, it makes it fun and not seem so daunting.  And of course, the option to draw something on the back is completely awesome.

win stationery for your camper

Hello from camp….

We parents love getting an update on how our kids are getting along at camp. This ‘Hello from Camp‘ stationery makes it so easy for kids to send us a quick letter.

Don’t forget to keep the letter and show it to your camper a couple of weeks after they have been home. Makes for a good conversation about reminiscing on all the camp memories.


p.s. Aren’t those paper pens by Jonesy Charismatic Stationery fantastic? Packing one of those in the suitcase would pretty much guarantee you’ll receive a letter in the mailbox.

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  1. So fun – I love the check boxes – easier to read the lovely font than my 12 yr olds scrawl! lol.
    Camp is coming up for him, and how interesting that in our digital age, I can now send him
    daily email (which could be convenient with the potential postal strike looming) as an alternative
    to snail mail – although we all know that snail mail is such a treat and luxury to get. It would be
    a novel idea to get mail back from my camper 🙂 Thanks Barb!

    • Wow, camp is certainly gone high tech Joan, with the option to send daily emails! Pretty cool. But of course, as you say, snail mail is a luxury indeed.Hope you get some from your camper. thanks for entering.

  2. Barb! Thank you for including the camp stationery on your blog.
    My daughters favourite is the flashlight too 🙂

    Being a camper mum myself, I do hope that my little art director/camper uses it herself!
    She has already asked me if we have to buy a set for her so she can write home on it.
    I’ve told her that it is a little perk for her– she gets a set for free.

    Love your blog,
    Thank you again,

    • I love your little art director/camper! Let’s hope she puts her own paper to good use and send you a letter. p.s. tell her not to forget her flashlight 🙂