Old school newspaper press at Heritage Park


Old school newspaper press at Heritage Park

When was the last time you read a newspaper?

At the old school newspaper press in Heritage Park in Calgary you can find a copy of The Heritage Park Tribune. Grab a coffee at the Wainwright Hotel on the corner and sit back and enjoy the read.


Old school phone and ‘computer’

Don’t miss this beautiful typewriter, the forerunner to our modern computers, as you enter the newspaper office. Ask the kids what it is hanging on the wall under the picture and then try to convince them, yes, it really is a phone.


Don’t forget to visit the Post Office

The newspaper office is directly across the street from the Post Office at Heritage Park  so you can enjoy two of my favorite spots in the historical village easily.

Letterpress method of printing newspapers

The letterpress technique creates the text by inking movable pieces of metal or wood (see examples above). Don’t you just love that cabinet? Me too.

These pieces are called “sorts”; each stamped with an individual letter or symbol.  The sorts are then pressed  into the paper using the press machine below, and, voila, a newspaper!

Heritage Park open on weekends until October 9th

Heritage Park is still open on weekends until October 9th. A great weekend outing, especially if one of the kids is taking history this semester.

There are also many special events throughout the Fall and Winter including an Intro to Spinning (Wheel) course starting on September 16th.

Does anyone read a newsprint newspaper? Or do you prefer on-line versions?

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  1. What a lovely post and what an interesting place! I must admit I tend to read news online more nowadays but I did find a copy of The Daily Mail from 1972 with the Queen and Prince Philip celebrating their love story at an old camera shop in my town which also sells vintage ephemera. 😀 I also love typewriters and have a lovely one from the 1950s in my possession. Would love some of those letterpress printing blocks! Being a paper designer myself I have a fondness for all things paper and print related.

    • Hi there Nadia, So fun that you found a newspaper from 1972. I recently unearthed a copy of the National Post (one of Canada’s national newspapers)from Sept 12th, 2001 that I kept after the bombing of the World Trade Centre in the USA. Such moments in history have been captured in newsprint forever. Lovely to hear you too love typewriters (and all things paper). Do you use it? I find the quest of a typewriter can be quite addictive 🙂 Thanks so much for saying hello.

  2. My mother trained to use a comptometer and they were still in use in the 50’s in billing in the Baltimore department store where she worked. It was smaller than the model shown in the museum, which would certainly predate her work.
    Thanks for sharing the historical village, Barb.

    • Hi Elaine, I’ve learned something new, thanks to you. I wasn’t familiar with the term ‘comptometer’ until now. I’m guessing you are referring to the machine in the photo with the typewriter? I was wondering what that was.