What was in my mailbox this week. No.6

What was in my mailbox this week. No.6.

What was in my mailbox this week is really more like what was in my mailbox this month, but better to show you later than never, right?

If you are new here, you may be interested to see previous installments in this series I call ‘what was in my mailbox this week. ‘


‘Tis the season of postcards

Summer vacay mode means postcards and I adore them.

Those that found their way into my mailbox were from Maryland, USA, and London, England.  Thank you Elaine and Jessica. WhatsinmymailboxNo6.4


Below is this crazy cool stationery by boygirlparty.com that actually turns into a 3D bird after you’ve read it. I know. Completely unique and wonderful.

Chrissy from Postmark1206 sent this to me after receiving a letter from me on…wait for it…stationery by the same designer!


Spreading the charm of snail mail

Not only is there that amazing coincidence, but we also both have a passion for introducing others to the charm of a hand written letter.

Chrissy has some really great things going on over at her site including her creative Riddle Me Mail subscription service. You will want to explore that more.


International mail

Can I just say I love these stamps? I mean, the envelope alone is stunning. Eva from mailadventures mailed me this from Spain although she lives in Morocco.

She too is a kindred snail mail spirit. I hope my return letter reaches her, as last time is was lost in the abyss of mail gone missing.


What to do with postcards after you receive them?

I tend to use the postcards I receive for book marks, and this Harry Potter one below is especially perfect. My bookloverpostcardswap partner Tricia sent me this. Don’ you love it?  Me too. Thank you so much Tricia.

Here are more ideas on what you can do with your postcards.


Postcards bring faraway places a little closer to home

A postcard also arrived from Montreal, Canada. This postcard made me want to revisit one of my favorite Canadian cities.

It was from family which made this piece of snail mail all the sweeter. Thank you Aunt Alice. Sending you some virtual hugs right now.


The trick to getting mail?

That brings me to my empty mailbox. Pretty great month of mail, I’d say.

Of course to get mail you have to send mail, so I’m off to clean up my desk and write some letters myself this weekend.

Have you sent (or received) a postcard this summer?

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  1. I love seeing all the different postcard pic, various stamps and of course…love the handwritten notes!!! I love what you said about a way to assure you receive mail…he he…it’s the law of sowing and reaping. Smiles. Sow a piece of mail, and receive it back. It’s a wonderful crop…he he. I practice this and I am the one that gets the double blessing in it all! So enjoy your posts Barb!

    • Hi there Sydney, Yes indeed, that law of sowing and reaping. I haven’t been sending as much as I would like lately as summer holidays have thrown off my routine, but in a good way. Getting time with kiddies. Must get my youngest to join me in writing a letter tomorrow. Hope you are well, my friend.Thanks for ‘cheering’ me on, I needed that. 🙂

  2. My mailbox was full today with postcards from traveling friends (fun!) as well as condolences notes on the loss of my mother – the woman who taught me the value of a handwritten note. She was never without a piece of stationary and pen. Over the years as she waited to see hundreds of doctors with hopes of addressing her chronic pain condition, she was always writing a note and more often than not to a prisoner. Their letters back to her – frequently decorated with beautiful artwork – brought her tremendous joy on even the hardest days. Thank you for continuing to promote this the time-honored tradition of the personal touch.

    • Ann, you lovely thing. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother, she sounds extraordinary. What an inspiring woman she must have been and no doubt touched many lives with her thoughtful notes. Surely speaks to the power of a handwritten letter. Thank you for sharing that story with me. May you continue to have a full mailbox. xoxox

  3. I’m glad that the letter arrived! And that you like the stamps 🙂

    • Eva! I loved your letter and those stamps, simply fabulous. Thank you. I love your ‘monster mail’ project and will definitely participate.I would love to learn more about how it got started, maybe share on the blog? Let me know via email if you want.

    • Love the stamps too!

      • The more I’m exchanging mail with folks, the more I look forward to seeing the stamps, especially those from far away.