Mailbox style

Mailbox style

Mailbox style

I told someone today that I was really ‘nerding-out’ over mailbox style.  They looked at me like they completely agreed.

Perhaps it was because I knocked at the door of a complete stranger to ask if I could take a picture of their mailbox?  More on that later.

Mailbox style

Mailboxes have style and personality

There is just something about mailboxes that are so cool. Not all of them, but many have their own personality and style.

Take this red beauty above. I just had to snap a pic of it against this green wall. If you are out and about in Kensington area of Calgary, keep an eye out for it.

Mailbox style

Postbox, letterbox, mailbox

Depending on where you live, you may use the term mailbox or letterbox or postbox. Am I forgetting other options?

Somehow this diversity in terminology adds to the appeal and adds a certain global charm to mailboxes everywhere.
Mailbox style

A new Instagram account

I’ve started a new Instagram account (because I don’t have enough to do?!) @mailboxstyle.

I did this because I didn’t want to bombard everyone on my regular account @ritewhileucan with all these random photos of mailboxes. Feel free to follow me in my pursuit of mailbox style.

Mailbox style

Mailbox nerd

Ok, back to the story about me randomly walking up to a house.

I am often out exploring my city and my favorite way to do this is by walking. When I see a mailbox that catches my eye I snap a pic. I am conscious though of respecting others privacy and don’t want to be the ‘creepy lady taking pictures.’

So if the mailbox is on private property I ask. I guess it is official, I am a mailbox nerd!

Which is your favorite? Here are some other mailboxes I loved while in Italy a few years ago.

What does your mailbox look like?

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