Lovely Letters

Have you been in your closet lately? The basement? How about the shoe box shoved underneath your bed or in the bottom drawer? Perhaps you stash them in your garage. Letters from your crush. That’s what. Show of hands as to how many of you out there still have them?

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I thought so. There is something so precious (or embarrassing) about letters sent to us from someone who was (is) doting on us.  I too have a stash.   I would like to think that the writing of an actual “love letter” has not been misplaced by texting or email and that younger people out there still continue this rite of passage.   Just wouldn’t be the same to hand over a box of emails to your future kids, now would it. 

Below is the full text of one of the letters printed on these linen napkins:
To Miss Joy Agnew, in London:


Unto you greetings and salutation and worship, you dear, sweet little rightly-named Joy! I can see you now almost as vividly as I saw you that night when you sat flashing and beaming upon those somber swallow-tails.
“Fair as a star when only one Is shining in the sky.”
Oh, you were indeed the only one – there wasn’t even the remotest chance of competition with you, dear! Ah, you are a decoration, you little witch!
The idea of your house going to the wanton expense of a flower garden!—aren’t you enough? And what do you want to go and discourage the other flowers for? Is that the right spirit? Is it considerate? Is it kind? How do you suppose they feel when you come around – – looking the way you look? And you so pink and sweet and dainty and lovely and supernatural? Why, it makes them feel embarrassed and artificial, of course, and in my opinion it is just as pathetic as it can be. Now then you want to reform – -dear- – and do right.
Well certainly you are well off, Joy:
3 bantams; 3 goldfish; 3 doves; 6 canaries; 2 dogs; 1 cat;
All you need, now, to be permanently beyond the reach of want, is one more dog – -just one more good, gentle, high principled, affectionate, loyal dog who wouldn’t want any nobler service than the golden privilege of lying at your door, nights, and biting everything that came along – -and I am that very one, and ready to come at the dropping of a hat.
Do you think you could convey my love and thanks to your “daddy” and Owen Seaman and those other oppressed and down-trodden subjects of yours, you darling small tyrant?
On my knees! These – -with the kiss of fealty from your other subject – –


Have you heard about   Well, my new virtual friend Hannah Brencher, is the passionate force behind this very inspiring site.   Basically,  since it started in August of 2011,  she and her love letter aficionado colleagues, have been encouraging random strangers to write and leave letters for people.   I love this quote from their website “You are going to think we are a bit crazy. A tad loopy. But you’ve been looking for a website that leaks love all this time…”    So fits with   Leaking love.   Love that.  

P.S  We want to know about your love letters.  Yes, call us nosey, but I bet there are some great stories out there. How old were you when you received or wrote one?  Why do you keep them?   Please post a comment and share your story.


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  1. “Fair as a star when only one Is shining in the sky.” What a quote! If I would have received letters with those kind of words in them, I would have kept them I think! :). I pitched my love letters years ago. And I don’t regret it. However, if I could find the love notes that were written to me in Grade 7, I would hang on to those. Such sweet memories.

    • Would love to see those love notes from Grade 7 Glenda. Sweet memories indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It would be so great if we still wrote letters vs emails and texts. Things have changed so much. My husband isn’t much of a romantic so I never had any love letters from him. I tossed the others long ago…it would have felt wierd keeping them, but it probably would have been pretty funny to look back at them all these years later. I wonder if I have any of the silly letters I wrote to my parents from sleep away camps? Those would be a hoot to share with the kids!

    • Hi Michelle, Love your idea about silly letters we wrote as kids. Can you imagine the large, loopy letters and maybe some doodles?! Our own kids would think that they were hilarious! If you find any let me know. I think that could be a great post topic! Thanks for reading ‘lovely letters.’

  3. I admit I kept them for a long time – but felt caught in the feeling that it was wrong to keep them. Just recently I dug out the bag – desiring to deal with it before needing to explain to curious treasure finders! Although it felt wrong to toss them into my large garbage cart, there was a feeling of freedom knowing the memories are my secrets and not to be read by others. Now love letters from my “one who completes me” – those continue to have a special place in my home.

    • Rhonda, I love how you described this dilemma. I still have to do the ‘garbage toss’ can you believe it. Can’t bring myself to do it….yet, probably need to. Thanks for the motivation. Just what I needed.

  4. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we still sent letters instead of texts & emails? Stopping by from the Ladies Only Blog Share!

    • Angela, thanks for stopping by for a visit! I think we can do some of both, no? hope so. something so special about physically opening up an envelope and taking out the letter.

  5. I’ll admit to keeping my old love letters. I haven’t looked at them probably since they were received, but I know exactly where they are, lol. It just feels wrong somehow to throw them out, like you’re throwing out the worth of that time.

    I doubt the kids today are writing “real” love letters, based on some of the stuff I’ve seen written by my young friends and relatives on Facebook. Which is a true shame. For one thing, so much of the sweetness of the act is lost, I think, with the elimination of intimacy. For another thing, gross you two – I don’t want to see that!

    • I love your admission Michelle! I am sure you are not alone. It does feel wrong to throw them out. I completely agree. Although part of me wonders if it is somehow wrong to keep them too. A predicament to be sure! Thanks for sharing your story here. love your comment!

  6. OOO – love letters are so sweet! I also hope that the “younger generation” has not lost the art of showing their love with a pen and paper 🙂