How to DIY Letter Writing Social

How to DIY Letter Writing Social, letters, writing, snail mail, stamps, typewriters, paper

How to DIY Letter Writing Social

I thought I would share some of what goes on in the planning of a Letter Writing Social; so you can  “Do-It-Yourself” in your own community.

Hosting a Letter Writing Social is all about keeping the art of letter writing alive. It provides the forum for people to intentionally sit down with pen in hand and try out this whole letter writing thing. It is important to keep this purpose in mind and let it guide all your preparations.

How to DIY Letter Writing Social, letters, typewriters, paper, snail mail, stamps,

Location and Costs

The café where I host my Letter Writing Socials was not the first place I approached. It was the third. In fact, it wasn’t until an ownership change at the current café, that I was able to ‘pitch’ the idea to receptive ears. Don’t give up if the first place you approach isn’t interested. Keep moving forward. Do some research on the mission behind the café and see how the Letter Writing Social is a good thing for them and their reputation and their patrons. Or get creative and consider an alternative setting  like a library, nursing home, school, church.

Consider what your budget is and what costs (promotions, food, stationery supplies) can be split/offered by you and by the café. Although you might be tempted to offer the event for free, resist. People will pay to attend. At first you may not make money, but at least you want to break even.

How to DIY Letter Writing Social, typewriters, stamps, letters, writing, snail mail


Stationery supplies are definitely one of my favorite things about the Letter Writing Socials. At the first Letter Writing Social I forgot and didn’t think about even needing things like a glue stick, scissors, ruler, practice paper (for the typewriters). I thought that ready made cards would be the thing that interested people, I couldn’t have been more wrong. People seem to prefer making their own cards (which I needed different supplies for) and typing letters on plain paper. I purchase a lot of my stationery supplies at the dollar store or at vintage sales (great postcards) but make sure to sleuth out the stuff that you love.

Vintage postage stamps add that little extra something and they look absolutely beautiful on the envelope. If you don’t have access to them in your area, you can find lots of them on e-bay. To make it easy for you I am now offering DIY Letter Writing Kits; supplies for four people (including vintage stamps), more in depth suggestions around budgeting, and tips on how to pitch the idea and how to promote. Contact me at for pricing and more info.

How to DIY Letter Writing Social, letters, writing, stamps, snail mail, paper, typewriters

Seasonal themes

When thinking about how to DIY Letter Writing Social bring your camera and/or phone and take lots of photos. You will use these in your promo materials ( I use or once you get to know some of the people who come you may discover they have hidden talents. For example, for my upcoming Letter Writing Social on April 14th  the photo and promo design was done by two of my regular attenders (see below for more info).

Create a signup list for those that attend so they can leave their email (optional, of course) so that you can let them know about the next Letter Writing Social. Once they leave the café you have no way of contacting them.

Get over your aversion to social media. Instagram has proved really great in terms of getting people out. I still am experimenting on ways to spread the word, but on average about eight people attend. Schedule your Letter Writing Socials around seasonal events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, National Letter Writing Month. The turn out seems to be much better than if not attached to a theme.

Well, there you have it, a crash introduction on how to DIY Letter Writing Social. If you are local, come out and join the fun at the next Letter Writing Social real time on April 14th. We are writing cards and letters for Mom this time.

Anyone debating hosting a Letter Writing Social?

P.S. All photos in today’s post (and current promo) are done by  Studio JMA. Design upgrade of promo postcard was done by BlissfulPaperCo.  Two talented and generous gals that happen to love letter writing.



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  1. I’m new in my area. I’m thinking of just being nutty and posting something at the library to see if there is any interest. Very small town, but you never know until you try right? In case anyone wants free downloadable stationery, there is some here: I think sometimes free stuff/resources helps others consider things a little more. =)

    • Hi there Luna, I love all nutty ideas when it comes to letter writing (you might be interested to see my latest post re:DIY LWS kits). Thanks for tip on free stationery. Amazing! You are so right about free resources, completely agree. I’ve picked up great finds at vintage sales and thrift stores. Thanks so much for popping by for a visit.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I was actually thinking of inviting some friends round to write some notes for “More Love Letters” but would love to do an official letter writing event, however I may need to invest in a typewriter and more stamps first!

    • Hi there Jessica, I love your idea of gathering some friends, this would be so fun! Let me know if you decide to do a more ‘official’ event…typewriters not required, but sure do make it fun. 🙂

  3. Hi! I am trying to get my friend to host one; she is a die-hard letter-writing groupie too (like you)! Maybe this little note will spur her on!

    • Ahh, a die-hard letter writing groupie…I love her already! What’s holding her back? 😉 Let me know what happens…the more the merrier.