International Kids Pen Pal Group

Petit Pen PalInternational Kids Pen Pal Group

While the big kids set off to school next week your little’s can join* an international kids pen pal group and have some fun of their own as they learn to read and discover new cultures.

Alison, the founder of Petit Mail, has just started this new pen pal group this summer.

International Kids Pen Pal Group

Find a pen pal for your child

Alison has a heart for kids and for letter writing. I shared more about her story postcard subscription series for kids a couple of years ago; you should check it out.

This new project by Petit Mail is absolutely amazing. If you are interested, you simply join a private facebook page (say ritewhileucan sent you) and meet other parents who are interested in having a pen pal for their child.

International Kids Pen Pal Group

Pen pals foster the love of reading, letter writing and more

Parents are encouraged to share ages of children, where they live in the world and any details they want to provide. Ultimately, it is up to the parents to determine pen pal matches. Address details are shared privately.

Beyond the fun of having a pen pal, this relationship forged by letters broadens kids world view, teaches them about other cultures (even in their own country) and encourages reading.

Did you ever have a pen pal?


*Of course, the older kids can participate too, because who doesn’t love getting something in the mailbox!

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  1. When I was about 10, I saw an ad in the classifieds part of the newspaper from a girl in Norway looking for a pen pal. I wrote to her and she wrote back. When the letter arrived in our mailslot, our dog (who hated the mailman) chewed it up into hundreds of pieces. I taped it all back together and wrote back to my pen pal! We wrote about three times each and then our interest faded (too bad!). I actually looked for her on Facebook not long ago and couldn’t find her. But now, largely because of Barb’s posts, my interest has renewed and I am actively seeking pen pals, and also writing more snail mail to my friends and family!

    • Hi there Ramona, what a great (and funny) story. I bet your dog came in handy for eating homework? ha! So glad you have come to be interested again in letter writing and snail mail. I do hope you enjoy your new pen pal. 🙂