Hot Cross Buns

OK,  I can’t stand the taste of these little buns.  BUT, thankfully the story doesn’t end there.   The symbolic meaning of hot cross buns knocks my socks off.    There are many sources of information out there on the historical significance of these sweet breads but I am going to suggest we simplify.   Just two words are necessary for me—the cross.

Hot cross buns. Top rack “traditional” made with currents and raisins. Bottom rack “dark chocolate chip.” Courtesy of COBS bread.

God’s love for me is so unjustified.  I did nothing to deserve it.   I trip up every day.  And yet, He loves me still.   His grace covers me.   The cross is where it all happened.   Whether the  basic cut in the dough with a knife, or the rough, heavy lumber nailed together, it’s significance is startling.

A huge thank-you to Zareen at COBS for allowing me to interrupt her bread baking day. No doubt I need to try the “chocolate” version as I am sure I would be won over immediately. So far there isn’t anything at COBS I don’t like!!





In early Christian centuries, it is thought that the cross may have been rarely used as a  Christian symbol, as it depicted a purposely painful and gruesome method of public execution and Christians were reluctant to use it ( Christianity: an introductionby Alister E. McGrath 2006).   Isn’t it amazingly cool that Christ was crucified on something that was a negative symbol and in doing so turned it into something positive – forgiveness and restoration?!   Simple, yet so profound.

So perhaps, as you enjoy your hot cross buns this Good Friday, you will have pause to think in a new way.

Happy Easter.



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  1. I’d actually forgotten hot cross buns were a Good Friday tradition. Guess I’m being slowly assimilated into the predominantly Mormon culture here in Utah. But yes, not a huge fan of fruits in my breads. Chocolate chips – bring ’em on!

    • Hello Adrian, Ok, you’ve stopped me in my tracks! Hot cross buns with chocolate chips??!! Now, this is my kinda thing. You’ve changed my view now, forever 🙂 Thank you for stopping in for a chat. Lovely to meet you.