Fun ideas of what you can send through the mail

Fun ideas of what you can send through the mail

Fun ideas of what you can send through the mail

If you are in need of a fun, cheap activity for the kids at the half-way point of summer vacation (to fight off the ‘I’m bored’ syndrome) or you have the itch to get creative with your mail, these fun ideas of what you can send through the mail fit the bill.

This birch bark postcard was sent to me by my Mom (pretty cool I’d say). You will see from her note on the postcard that she found the piece of bark on the ground. Way to save the trees, Mom.

Fun ideas of what you can send through the mail

Put a stamp on it

Consider the following things you can try mailing that are probably just kicking around the house:

  1. no doubt school artwork came home. turn it into a postcard.
  2. hockey cards. you can use masking tap on one side to create some white space for the address.
  3. old CD covers would make great envelopes
  4. take a walk outside and be inspired by my Mom’s birch bark. who knows what you will find.

Here are more creative things you can turn into a letter . All you need to do after your creative recycling is to put a stamp on it.

Fun ideas of what you can send through the mail

Surprise someone with a piece of unusual mail

Look at the layers of birch bark on this postcard? Isn’t it beautiful?  My mom called me ahead of time and hinted that something unusual was on its way to me through the mail.  Never did I imagine it would be a piece of birch bark. It was definitely an amazing surprise.

Of course, I can’t guarantee whatever item you decide to mail will in fact reach its destination, but it will be tons of fun to try. For those that wish to be a bit more pragmatic about it, you can always check dimension requirements set out by Canada Post.

Have any ideas about what I could send back to my Mom?  Will you let me know how your mail adventure goes?

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  1. I love that “No snails were harmed in the sending of this mail” stamp!

    What a great idea! There’s a company here in the UK which sends potatoes with messages on through the mail 😀

    • Potatoes?! Now, that’s a twist. Have you received one Nikki? Thanks for joining in the conversation.Hope you are well and your postbox is full.

  2. What a creative idea for your mom to send that! I am a little surprised that it went through the mail okay, ha ha! Another great post, Barb.

    • I know, me too, Ramona.But, I’ll happily receive it, no questions asked. So glad my Mom tried it out.

  3. LOVE that, and especially like my Mom, she doesn’t write often! Lucky you.

    • It was such a great surprise, Christine. For the very reasons you mention. Wishing you a lovely day.