Cards flooding in for MakeItMerry

cards flooding in for MakeItMerry
Cards flooding in for MakeItMerry

The cards are flooding in for MakeItMerry.  My office floor is covered, the basement has piles of cards and there are boxes full of cards in my car.

One of my favorite things about MakeItMerry is reading the Christmas cards that arrive for the homeless and those in need.

cards flooding in for MakeItMerry

Something simple; big impact

Thankfully I have others helping me to read all the cards*, ’cause solo me just can’t keep up.

We marvel at the kindness, the humor and the compassion people have for one another. Although just a simple card, they have a big impact on someone’s life.
cards flooding in for MakeItMerry

Receiving a card shows that someone cares about you

Each card is unique, often with beautiful artwork or beautiful words, sometimes jokes or personal stories. All of them show the person on the receiving end that they are cared about and loved.

cards flooding in for MakeItMerry

Tracking to meet, even exceed the goal of 3000 Christmas cards

We are well on our way to exceeding our goal of collecting approximately 3000 cards. This is just incredible!

My guess is that I will be calling on other agencies within the city to see if they would like to receive some cards. How awesome is that?! Thank you for sending in your cards.

cards flooding in for MakeItMerry

First deliveries Dec 12 and 13th

As I bundle cards and prepare for the first deliveries this coming week, I am in awe and humbled at how many people send in cards. Cards even came from the United States this week!

cards flooding in for MakeItMerry

Gobs of goodness all over the place

I hope by seeing some of the cards, you will be encouraged. With all that is going on all around us these days, it is hard to sift through the dark and dreary.

But, what I’ve seen is that there are gobs of goodness all over the place; some light shining through and leaving it’s mark on the world.

cards flooding in for MakeItMerry

True spirit of Christmas

Like one of these cards, quoting Dr. Seuss, very aptly describes “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store…maybe Christmas means a little bit more.”

cards flooding in for MakeItMerry

Have you seen other examples of the true spirit of Christmas lately?


* All the cards are read before delivery to ensure the contents are positive, appropriate, are handwritten and are signed. For more information on the vetting process  or how to get involved visit

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  1. Wow, congratulations Barb! This is fantastic and you are awesome to put in motion so much love and cheer!

    • Hey there Ramona, Thanks for your kind words. The response has been simply overwhelming. Merry Christmas to you!