Letter Writing Social in South Carolina

Letter Writing Social in South Carolina Letter Writing Socials are beginning to pop up everywhere! If you are in the area you will want to be part of this inaugural Letter Writing Social in Columbia, South Carolina on May 14th, 2017. Pen pals, mail art and more. I met the organizer, Simone Que (what a great pen   … Continue Reading –>

Vintage Easter Card

Vintage Easter Card I stumbled upon this vintage Easter card a couple of weeks ago at a local antique sale at Heritage Park Historical Village here in Calgary. “So read this, and remember that someone thinks of you!” Don’t you love reading this card that was written many years ago? I love how Aunt Chris jokingly   … Continue Reading –>

Postcards for Mother’s Day.

Postcards for Mother’s Day It all started with an idea. Stephanie was going send her mom a postcard every week for a year. What a fantastic idea (or some version of) to do for Mom this Mother’s Day! I’m going to send my mom one card each week until Mother’s Day on May 14th (I   … Continue Reading –>

5 ways to participate in National Letter Writing Month

    5 ways to participate in National Letter Writing Month Even though it is April 1st, we are no fools. We know the charm of snail mail to be the real deal. April is National Letter Writing month and what better opportunity to introduce others to the lost art of letter writing. Here are   … Continue Reading –>

Juliet’s Letters

Juliet’s Letters Love plays havoc with our hearts. Juliet, of the famous Romeo and Juliet, knew this all too well. And so does author Glenn Dixon. His new book Juliet’s Answer chronicles his journey from being a Calgary teacher of Shakespeare to a stint as one of Juliet’s secretaries. It is in Verona, Italy at the   … Continue Reading –>

Visit Canadian Stamp Collection

Visit Canadian Stamp Collection I have a thing for stamps. Not a collector or anything, just an appreciator. These miniature works of art elevate any piece of snail mail to something beautiful. The Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa has a permanent exhibit of over 3000 Canadian stamps that chronicle our history as a country.   … Continue Reading –>

What was in my mailbox this week. No.4.

What was in my mailbox this week. No.4. It’s all about the envelopes in this fourth edition of what was in my mailbox this week series. Nothing quite like opening the mailbox and finding envelopes that are beautiful in their own right. It was the choice of stamps on this stunner from my snail mail   … Continue Reading –>

Postcard swap with book suggestions

Postcard swap with book suggestions Countries from all over the world, including Korea, England, USA, and India were represented in the latest BookLoverPostcardSwap. Jessica, from The Paper Diary, and I are always excited to know postcards are being swapped far and wide across the globe. Because so many postcards were exchanged and great books suggested, I thought   … Continue Reading –>

Write_On letter writing campaign 2017

Write_On Campaign 2017 April seems far away but good things are worth waiting for…and preparing for. National Letter Writing Month happens in April and one of my favorite projects to encourage people to give letter writing a try is the #Write_On Campaign. Why am I telling you about it so early? Because I want you   … Continue Reading –>

Typewriters at letter writing social

Typewriters at Letter Writing Socials “What is going on here?”  This is a question I often hear when I’m lugging my typewriters into a local coffee shop. Upon hearing that I’m hosting a letter writing social, where we actually write (or type) letters, the person usually pauses in a rather long, awkward silence trying to   … Continue Reading –>