Apple pie? Pasta? Coffee? Creative letters begin here…

Go green with your mail

Have you stopped laughing yet? Yup,  this is just my latest crazy idea on posting a letter.  It is meant to bring a smile, a chuckle or full on laugh so feel free.

And,  the best thing is,  you can’t get any more “green” than this. Some of you, or your friends, have rightly pointed out that writing letters is not so friendly to the environment. Point well spoken.

Nothing like a wee challenge to make one come up with a creative solution.

Mail your trash

If truth be told  it was a babysitter when I was about 10 years old that showed me the versatility of the MacDonald’s™ apple pie container.

The older container design actually worked better as the window (to let the heat escape) was bigger and on the front.  Today’s design doesn’t fold as well, but when you slap on a blank label it does the trick.

For all of these ideas you just need a  glue stick,  scissors (check here for  Canada Post dimension requirements) and of course, don’t forget the stamp!

Do you have a stash of old magazines, wrapping paper,  newspapers?   Put them to good use and make your own envelopes.

Three more ideas:

1.mail an Archie comic book in a Ziploc  (note: this is one I have yet to try so let me know if you have success)
2.use a book jacket from a hardcover
3.cut up an old map. you can mark your location as the sender and the route it will take to reach the recipient.

P.S.   Just so you know I did eat the apple pie, but not at the same time as I had the pasta and tea.  Ha!


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  1. One of the summer projects I have lined up for the kids, is to write letters to their friends. This brings it to a whole new level and a lot more fun. Thanks for coming by and partying with us at Fluster Buster’s Creative Muster. I hope will be seeing you again.

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

    • Hi Robin, Thanks for stopping by. So thrilled to hear you are having your kids write letters this summer. Depending on their ages I am running a fun project for kids (more details under “Ransom Notes” post) on having 12-17yr olds write a ransom note to a friend and submit a pic. Hoping to encourage letter writing one small step at a time! Hope your kids have lots of creative letters to send out with recycled materials. Love your initiative at Fluster Buster. Thanks for hosting and inviting me to participate! See you again soon.

  2. Wow, you have given me even more reasons not to throw away my “trash”….it just might have a new use! 🙂

    • So glad you liked the idea! I actually had someone, after reading this post, mail me something on the back of a used letterhead in a envelope that had already been used. Way cool if we can send a letter and be ‘green’ at the same time. Hope you try it out. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Yes, I did have a little chuckle when you first told me about this, and then again when I saw your post!
    However, you have won me over Barb : ) I received my Pasta-shells-box letter in the mail the other day, and I must say that it was a lovely treat…a very unique idea, and fun to receive.
    Now I’m not sure that I will be searching through my recycling bin for some stationary any time soon, (you know how much I love scouring paper stores for just the right card) however, I think it will certainly be a fun project for the boys to do in the future. Thanks!

    • So glad it reached you Lisa. I have to admit I was beginning to have my doubts about it making it through the mail system. Yeah for Canada Post! Anything to make you chuckle is always worth it!