52 letter challenge for 2016

Happy New Year! Already six days into 2016. Who knows what moments of joy, refining, growth, and discovery await, but one thing is for sure it will be unexpected and an adventure.

Perhaps you have made a resolution to mark the start of the New Year?

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Letter writing challenge for 2016

My friend Michelle Houts, author and teacher, has an even better idea for you to consider for 2016. It is called 52 Letters in a Year projectΒ and looks to be a fantastic idea.


One letter a week

The idea is to write one letter each week of the year. Now, this might seem a wee bit crazy, maybe even daunting, but I’m always up for a challenge especially when you never know the impact you might have on someones day.

Years ago, when Michelle’s Grandmother moved into an assisted living facility, Michelle decided that every Thursday she would write her Grandma a letter. What unfolded over the year was a closeness, that even the miles could not dissolve, that surprised Michelle. It became a journal of her own life back and forth, lending itself to capturing moments she would have otherwise forgotten.

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Be intentional in 2016

Michelle has lots of good tips on how to write a letter, a card or note for 52 weeks, but I really love her idea of being intentional and picking a certain day of the week to make it happen.

If you are wondering whether you know 52 people to write to, you can write Michelle (I know for a fact that she write’s back) and of course, I would love to open my mailbox and find a letter from you too.

I’ve just penned my first letter of 2016 to a Mr. Eduardo Munez. Stay tuned to find out who that is.

Will you join the #52Letters project?

P.S. Β For a delightful winter tale for readers 8-12 years do take a moment to learn more about Michelle’s book WinterFrost.


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  1. Wow – all these comments are so right on and inspiring. I”m beginning my 4th year of writing one letter per day….365 per year. I’ve met so many people through the mutual interest of writing letters (including YOU!). I don’t know that I’ll ever stop this letter-writing gig. Sydney is right that giving to others fills you up. PS My card to Michelle is the one on the top of the stack with the white flower. How excited was I to see my card in that picture! Thanks for featuring Michelle. She’s doing some really cool things.

  2. I started this challenge about 5 years ago while feeling sorry for myself, having a winter flu and not going on a planned trip into the mountains ?.
    I have a long history of writing to a friend from university but hadn’t expanded past that. The challenge helped me ” meet” many lovely people and formed strong friendships. Addicting, yes, fun yes and so happy that cold winter day found me with pen in hand.
    And at the end of a long work day, what boosts ones spirits more than a hello from a friend in your mailbox!

    • Hi there Wanda, I sure do like your remedy to feeling sorry for yourself. We could all learn a lot from your attitude. πŸ™‚ Great to hear your story. May your mailbox be full of lovely mail. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. I’m afraid I write more than 52 letters a year! πŸ™‚
    Among my friends, there is one whom I have been writing every week (even more) during years. We started to write to each other 29 (wow!) years ago, and we have never stopped. My whole life goes on those letters & postcards!

    • Although I’m not surprised to hear this Eva, I am inspired! What a life story all those letters chronicle with your friend. That’s amazing.

  4. I believe we should all practice this for a few reasons: When you do for others, you get watered yourself (like a love flow…he he). You can’t give without getting. It’s a great practice to be ‘others’ focused, and again, you can’t lose. You’ll find it habit forming as you write someone, to think on them, and they person they are. Many times, I get a smile across my face as I’m writing!

    I like how Michelle helped make it easy, in case you don’t have a list to write to. She gives 52 creative ideas of ‘who’ to write. That was fun reading Michelle!

    I won’t be doing the 52 project, only because as I said, it becomes contagious and I have a lot more to send πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Don’t procrastinate, just jump into how quick, fun and absolutely exciting this opportunity is πŸ™‚

    • Don’t be afraid of the contagious spirit of it Sydney! πŸ™‚ Ha. But, you are so right about it focusing on others and this can only be a good thing. Michelle is on to something here, I think. Talk soon, friend.