5 reasons why typewriters are addictive.

typewriter, ink, experiment, lettersResistance was futile

I recently changed the ink in my typewriter from the standard black to a funky purple. It’s given new life to all I do on the typewriter. In fact, I left it out in the kitchen the other day to see if it people could resist walking past and not giving it a click-clack.

Here’s what happened:


typewriter, games, letters, print, ink

A typewriter offers an open invitation

The magnetism of the typewriter was too strong and everyone left their mark. It made for a fun read. Sort of like one of those ‘continue-the-story’ games.  This made me wonder, “what  is it about typewriters that draws us to touch the keys?”

1. The pure look of a typewriter is enchanting. Those keys make us want to get closer and figure out what it is (especially for those younger folks who have never seen one).
2. Nostaglic.  The sounds alone can transport us back to another time when life was a little simpler and slower.  I’m all for slower.
3.  Click, clack, zzzzzip.  I think we have an innate need to create something with our hands. Somehow the tangible noise the keys make when we strike them are satisfying and are different from typing on a keyboard or phone.
4.  Ink on paper.  The results of our time spent with a typewriter is rewarding.  It is a tangible piece of paper, typos and all, paper pressed with ink that I love.
5. No delete key.  The raw, authentic nature of a letter written on a typewriter is not only endearing in its imperfections, but gives the typist pause when typing as there is no going back.

Want one?  Keep reading to find out where you can find a typewriter for yourself.


Where you can find a typewriter of your own

Typewriters are pretty hip and trendy right now, even to the point of being hard to find (and sending lots of business to  repair shops).

If you are on the hunt for a typewriter, your best bet is to check out:

1. Kijiji (which is where mine came from),
2. Typewriters 101 is a great resource on all things typewriter.
3. Local antique shops, estate sales, auctions.
4. With garage sale and flea market season approaching, you just never know what you might fine.
5. If in Portland, OR, Ace Typewriters can set you up.

When was the last time you used a typewriter?


P.S. For more info on my typewriter and where I found my purple ink you will want to read “Kids and a Typewriter.”


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  1. Last time I used a typewriter was some years ago. As I’m constantly moving, I can’t bring all this things with me, alas.
    I have two typerwriters. A simple one, that my parents bought for me to learn typing, and the “real” one, my father’s. He gave it to me, as he doesn’t need it any more, and no other person in the family is interested. I plan to put it on my desk and use it to write letters!

    • Eva, sounds like you are about to embark on a whole typewriter paradise courtesy of your father. I would love to see it once you have it on your desk. Do send me a pic. type on.

      • That will be long! I’m living abroad right now, and “my desk” means when I come back to Spain in… 3 years? 😉
        But I still promise you a picture!

        • I can wait. I will still be here. Sounds like you are living an adventure; makes for great stories no doubt. Happy travels.