Write_On letter writing campaign 2017

write_on letter writing campaign 2017, writing, National letterwriting month
Write_On Campaign 2017

April seems far away but good things are worth waiting for…and preparing for.

National Letter Writing Month happens in April and one of my favorite projects to encourage people to give letter writing a try is the #Write_On Campaign.

Why am I telling you about it so early? Because I want you to have dibs on something pretty cool.

write_on letter writing campaign 2017, National Letterwriting month,

How to get your #write_on letter writing kit

The letter loving folks behind the #write_on campaign make stationery that I absolutely adore and have put together letter writing kits for free (should you not be able to purchase).

These kits are a hot commodity and are limited in number.

As of Feb 24, letter-writing kits from #Write_On campaign are now available. I’ve ordered mine already and can’t wait to receive it.

Who’s with me?

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